How to Increase Online Sales Small Business

How to Increase Online Sales Small Business

How to Increase Online Sales Small Business

Small-business owners are always on the lookout for ways to increase traffic and sales through social media. All of us know that social media is a very adaptable, cost-effective advertising tool for businesses. It is also the best way to build an engaged community of potential buyers. However, it is not simple to rise above the competition and grow your customer base. This means there’s a massive opportunity for brands to increase sales on social media.  Here are some actionable tips that boost your conversions on social media.


1.Set social media objectives for your small business


Before you, as a small business owner can do anything else in social media, you require to identify your marketing objectives. What do you hope to achieve there, primarily: to build awareness or to drive buyers to your website or start selling on social media channels? Small businesses can burn out too fastly because they do not have strategic steps to achieve their objectives, which they didn’t set.


2.Use the right platform


By taking the time to analyze all channels your customers use, you can divide your attention into accounts of more priority.

3.Make the most out of the app features


Each Social media platform has a unique set of features that can boost engagement and spark conversations with your audience. One of the most successful features is the “ DM (Direct Messages)” or the “Message” button, where a prospective buyer can directly connect with you and your team to clear doubts, thus making their virtual window shopping experience worry-free. “Stories” that last for 24 hours is also a useful feature. You can use this to speak about your brand, take polls, do a live video, and so on, to connect and learn more about your buyers.


4.Be consistent in social media


Consistency is key. By posting regularly, your buyers are up-to-date with your brand and its values. You don’t always have to post an image; you can switch it up with videos or go live. You can also incorporate the trend challenges in your videos. A well-balanced combination of both text and multimedia content can do wonders for your business. Ensure that your content is original and beneficial to your targeted audience.


5.Create Hashtags For Various Social Media Campaigns


Using the right & trending hashtags is something specific to the focus of your business but is also generic.

For example, #chemicalfreeskincare. Now, when customers search using this hashtag, your post and video is most likely to pop up thereby increasing your reach.

It is also important to post or video during the time your users are most active to make sure you have maximum engagement.


6.Include“calls to action”


In every caption of a photo or video, make sure you have links to your website so that the customer’sdoesn’t have to spend time browsing through your feed trying to find the right link. In the bio of your account, along with the basic information of what your business is, attach CTAs ( Calls To Action).

 For example, a link to your newly launched product, or a product that is on sale.

7.Express gratitude


An emotional connection with your buyers can increase brand loyalty. Express your gratitude as your following increases, thank them for engaging with a particular post or video. This shows you have noticed the effort from their end. You can also select to gift them with giveaways, discount codes, offer, and do a flash sale, which can immediately result in the growth of the page and increase sales.


8.Post client testimonials


Post customers’ review on your stories, or on your feed. This gives prospective buyers proof and helps them trust your brand. Connect with influencers (people with a large following). You can implement different strategies with them such as,

  • Sending them PR packages and collaborating with them
  • Start a discount code under their account/ name and ask them to promote it
  • Sponsor influencer-run contests and giveaways.

For example, if you are a freelancer using social media to gain more clients or drive them to your listing on a freelancer platform, you can use testimonials from past clients to increase credibility in your products or services.

Social media is a great tool to increase your sales. Keep yourself updated about the latest trends, engage with your followers, have CTAs(call to action’s), reach out to influencers, and surely you can see tremendous results over time.




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