Gouri Shankar

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This is Gauri Shankar

Gouri Shankar

        Well Qualified Digital Marketing Executive of Satvbiz digital marketing Academy
& Agency. Gouri Shankar is the youngest Digital marketer in India. He is just 20 years 

old and was a digital marketing executive in this company for a year and One month. 

Has a significant 3-year history of working in this field of advertising and marketing 

industry. Digital marketing, brand management, leadership, Search Engine 

Optimization, communication skills, and website designing are all areas of expertise. 

Along with these skilled services, 

he is now the Founder of web perform digital marketing Company.

       Gouri Shankar profile.


He has a creative mind and sees a project in different ways to improve the client’s business. He has always been a passionate working staff here at satvbiz.com. Passionate Digital Marketer with considerable expertise in designing well-driven marketing campaigns and plans. He successfully manages marketing teams and analyses campaign results. Holds Digital Marketing Certifications, as well as has outstanding communication skills and leadership abilities. He has well-developed analytical skills and a track record of generating outcomes for many different companies and corporate firms.                                                      

Best at these work associated to him.


  •  Creating a strategy to strengthen our brand in order to attract new clients and students.
  • Creating a strategy [both strategic and tactical] that is connected with a long-term goal to promote and safeguard the brand.
  • He was very responsible for monitoring, proofreading, and editing to ensure professional and high-quality communications are conducted.
  • He is an expert in maintaining a website.
  • Followed by maintaining websites he is an extraordinary Search engine optimization {SEO} executive. Conducts thorough research and analysis to make our brand most efficient on many digital platforms.
  • Generating and maintaining event-related internal communications, as well as updating internal communication platforms with program and performance summaries.
  • He is a good Assisting, always confident, and brings solutions to every student of our academy. Helped them with utmost sincerity and looked after every assignment assigned to them.
  • Effectively planning and developing marketing strategies and communications mechanisms for client projects.
  • He was a vital part of the project execution team, responsible for developing a deep understanding and appreciation of the programmatic work. 
  • Imparted some key learnings in the form of competitor analysis, blogs, articles, case studies, effective plans, and strategies and sorted the most of satvbiz management. 
  • Coordinated the subject matter and logistics of hosted knowledge-sharing events.
  • Performing other duties if assigned to improve the company’s brand development.

He is recognized for his probity, communication skills, client relationship management, and as an innovative business entrepreneur. Gouri Shankar has always given exceptional results to every client of satvbiz. At a very young age, he is a complete and confident businessman. The youngest Digital marketer of Gujarat, thank you for your enthusiastic working attitude. We wish you all the best for your bright future ahead.